Rainy Tree of the Fairies: a drawing for a rainy day

Today is a rainy day in Georgia. And no, it does not feel like it's raining all over the world.

Even so, here's a drawing for you in rainy day mode, Rainy Tree of the Fairies from my Secret Moon Art collection.

Are you droopy from taking care of business?

Then snag yourself a brief Art Break and peruse my Lulu Storefront of images for your Art Downloading requirements at modest prices. You'd look mighty pretty with a new DeskTop background, now wouldn't you?

You know, sometimes I check with my higher mind bwo the Tarot deck and these days I get the same card telling me to Seek Something More Worthy of Your (my) Efforts, which means my blogging days may be numbered especially in the Art Realm, so if you've a mind, do nab my images while ya still can!

Your Feedback Is Appreciated.

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