Gemini Sun conjunct Sisyphus: June 9/10, 2009

With asteroid Sisyphus now being highlighted by the Sun 19Gem+, a Wiki link to the myth of Sisyphus has been added in the sidebar to my growing list of Mythology of Astrology's smaller bodies...scroll down just a smidge to view the links list.

Wonder if America's 'Sun' - President Obama - is feeling Sisyphusian about now what with Gitmo detainees having nowehere to go, health care reform being voraciously fought (as we knew it would be), his Supreme Court pick, Sonia Sotomayer, under the GOP's 'racist' magnifying glass, amd more obstacles to make him look ineffectual...?

And don't forget that today, June 10, is the day Japan's Kaguya craft is to impact the Moon - kerboom!...see SpaceWeather.com for details and photos (after the event - the Southern Hemisphere should gave a good view for photographers!)

Astrologically today the Moon is in hard-to-budge Capricorn so Luna may not appreciate the impact!

image: Comet Skies, from my Secret Moon Art gallery of drawings.

All images copyright 2009 and beyond.

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