Coming Soon: International Astrology Day 2010

Coming soon to an astrologer or Astrology website or blog near you: International Astrology Day or, as it is sometimes called, World Astrology Day!

Celebrated each year at the time of the Aries Ingress - Spring Equinox - International Astrology Day coincides with the start of the Iranian calendar yet here in the west, Astrology is based more on the Sun with eastern Astrology being based on a lunar calendar...thus the Crescent Moon symbol on flags of the Middle East.

For Spring Equinox 2010 - and knowing what a fix the world is in - a group of astrologers/authors are planning a veritable smorgasbord of articles to aid us in dealing practically on a personal level with the Cardinal T-Square pattern of planetary energies in effect from Spring 2010 into 2014. From this situation alone we may expect to find more financial and political frettings to appear on the global menu than before so please stay tuned for more details on how to glom into the 1st Annual International Astrology Day Blogathon 2010 which will publish to the world on Friday, March 19!

Alternately, you may wish to snoop around Donna Cunningham's excellent blog Skywriter for the latest Blogathon info and details.


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