Thom Yorke: Sun Libra-Moon Aries + a music video 'The Clock'

Posted in April 2016 here's a performance of The Clock:

video link

Thom Yorke, guitarist and lead vocalist of my all-time favorite band, Radiohead, was born on Oct 7, 1968 in Wellingborough Northamptonshire, England. No birth time is publicly available, as far as I know, so I've done the usual - looked at the 24-hour period of his birth date to find the range of the Moon's degrees so that I can check out Sun-Moon blend details which follow...

Sun 13-15 Libra and Moon 19 - 26 Aries, an Air-Fire blend that's all about relationships.

Air-Fire combos are the 'live wire' blend of energies, full of exciting ideas and innovations, and we definitely see this in Mr Yorke's music. Cleverness, joie de vivre, and charisma accompany this blend, no matter the signs. In relationships intellectual rapport is required along with lots of freedom to follow one's individual interests. Being on the cutting edge of social change is seen in his activism for social causes. (Click link to his Wiki bio for details of these.)

When Sun is in Libra, Moon in Aries, there is willfulness, independent yet dependent qualities in the personality which develops through relationships; without serious relationships emotions can remain rather childish.

This is a romantic yet restless combo that can be convivial and convincing, controversial, cheeky, and entertaining. 'It' needs to be actively engaged with life and likes to be working toward something which may often have an eccentric twist to it. There is a sense of enthusiasm and challenge brought to group projects which we may assume has served Mr. Yorke well in his musical expressions.

Managing people and getting exactly what is wanted is a talent with Libra/Aries; relationships are central so Yorke may depend on his partner (Rachel Owen) more than he cares to admit. Thrill is important as well, and he may seek excitement elsewhere if the spark leaves a relationship. However, Mr. Yorke is, I've read, very devoted to his children, Noah (born 2001) and Agnes, born in 2004, the year of a repetition of Yorke's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series, the 6 South.

*6 South has a 'being forceful and taking power' flavor, plus, 'manic energy with great strength in relationships.' It can bring along sudden events such as falling in love (hello, Agnes!) and indicates 'exertion of huge efforts in group activities'...such as Radiohead and his other musical and activist endeavors.

The downside of Sun Lib/Moon Aries may be: awkward stubbornness when his limit has been reached; a tendency to sabotage harmony which is sorely needed due to a deeply competitive spirit; difficulty reconciling his independent streak with his dependence on others.

His quick mind, diplomatic skills, and ability to persuade are very useful within a desire for justice and commitment to defending the underdog. At 41 going on 42, I'm quite certain that by now he has grown up tremendously and discovered that he can still be true to himself in a relationship of equals.

Sun Libra/Moon Aries is shared natally by an interesting list of people: Enrico Fermi, Cliff Richard, Dick Gregory, John Coltrane, Luciano Pavarotti, and the Duchess of...York!

Now, with snowflakes falling fast in Georgia (our turn for a white-out which hopefully won't lead to a black-out), I shall close this post with Sun Libra/Moon Aries 'Image for Integration':

"A little girl and a little boy barter whilst playing on a see-saw. She wants his toy gun; he wants her cream cake. They decide to share."


*Solar Eclipse details: Brady's Predictive Astrology; Sun/Moon info: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.

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