On Sarah Palin, Tea Parties, President Obama, and Waging Another War


SouthernAvenger presents an analysis of Sarah Palin, her involvement with the Tea Party movement, and her false-logic critiques of President Obama who 'isn't enough like Bush'? (Didn't we just suffer through 8 years of lousy Bushiness? And he robbed the people's Treasury blind as he left Washington!)

You know, if I were president and my opponents and their operatives (who had their own White House dreams as motivation) began a 'Bomb Iran' drumbeat, that's exactly what I wouldn't do. How often does anyone get to be a contrarian while simultaneously taking a higher road to what reasonable, civilized people would call the sanity of upholding moral standards such as the sanctity of life?

Why, you'd almost guess that sending more US troops abroad to die was a method of population control (plus, their loss results in no more kids from those particular soldiers.) Massive unemployment in the US is probably swelling military ranks, too, just as the power elite planned. They plan ahead, you know.

Since 2005 I have blogged on Politics using the lens of Astrology, admittedly with a populist, common-good slant. Well, if I can't champion we-the-people, who can I back? Is Astrology a tool meant to be used, or is it too precious?

Yet neocon warhawks, aka chickenhawks since most of our modern practitioners of Jingoism showed their true colors and became draft-dodgers when they had their chances to fight - still hold sway over US foreign policy and our domestic agenda in spite of 'peace' candidates becoming President. Has Mr. Obama's election made any real difference to the course America embarked on decades ago of playing global police? Nope.

The jingoists have the men (you, me, but mostly youngsters like your Aunt Mabel's idealistic Johnny who just graduated high school), they have the money (US taxpayers' billions, plus inflationary funny money printed by the Fed), and they have some kind of totalitarian world-domination plan they want to implement - all at the people's expense, and for their own selfish enrichment. In their bubble world, 'collateral damage' is little more than an acceptable risk for others to bear.

Then there's star-quality Sarah Palin, her fancy-pageant-walking days over, but sporting big dreams of power and wealth underneath that bouffant of highlighted hair. But is she pugnacious enough for the neocons she serves? And can she be trained to bark their orders to the masses?

A Palin run in 2012 sounds crazy enough to send chills but really, it only takes a figurehead president whose main job requirement, as W admitted so richly during his presidency, is "catapultin' the propaganda." So, yes. Sad to say, Palin could handle the job of bullhorner-in-chief, the one who decides how the power elites tell her to decide, then announces it to the unwashed masses on TV.

Well, if a Palin presidency comes to pass, it will be a stellar chance to show what a maverick she really is: can she stand up to her global 'masters of the universe' who put her in the White House to do their bidding?

Would she buck the continuance of what Rep. John Murtha called our nation's "flawed policy wrapped in illusion"?

Of course not. How could she? Unless it's part of the NWO script meant to deceive, how could anyone bite the hand of those who provided them such a position of high status? Oh, how they mock we-the-people and our naive desire for improvement every time they toutingly hold up to the world our centuries-long peaceful passing of the presidential baton!


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Jude Cowell said...

lol - yes, i am, hope you don't mind the company!

Of course we know that if Palin is ever installed in the Oval Office, late night comedians will have a field day with her gaffes and lack of commonly known knowledge.

A real yukfest will be had by all, yet i suspect it will become tiresome very soon around the time of her first serious blunder. :-(

Thanks for commenting, Julie! Jude