Which Necktie for a Brown Suit? Roam the Jungle!

Have you ever cast about for an unusual necktie to wear with, of all things, a brown suit?

Both brown and indigo hued suits are now the updated look for gentlemen of all ages but unless you prefer wearing an 'establishment tie' every place you roam, may I suggest a Necktie adorned with one of my drawings called Predator at Dusk which to me makes a pretty good artsy necktie with a Wild Animal theme.

While there may also wish to check out a new category: Jude's Artsy Neckties for more artsy necktie ideas.

Click Predator at Dusk for a complimentary view - no strings attached, promise...just a fashionable tiger in a leafy jungle awaiting your approach.

Come roam the jungle!


And while I'm at it, here's my current Zazzle Panel of stuff (it will update in a minute) with a variety of Jude Cowell Art designs splashed onto this item and that...some things for your wall, a few for your desk, and for your tootsies some fancy coverings of the Keds persuasion!

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