Shadow of a four-year-old photographer!


This photo of a large Hydrangea bush was taken by a four-year-old photographer and I think her shadow personalizes it, don't you? ;p

Well, turns out, there is a website that's all about Hydrangeas and includes growing info and tips on using them for weddings, too.

My own love of the showy blue, pink, and purple flowers began in childhood with the two bushes my Dad grew in a side garden (near the banana tree! A banana tree in steamy Georgia? Of course!) They work well as dried flowers, too (the blooms, not the bananas.)

Yes, my Dad's Hydrangeas were quite the traffic-stoppers each year, not to mention great conversation pieces amongst the neighbors, so do check them out for your own garden if you've never grown them - the payback for your efforts brings floral heaven to any yard...

Four-year-old photographer not necessarily included!


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