Capricorn One Vintage and the bower bird nest

Expert astrologer Julie Demboski has given me a heads-up on a wonderful artist who blogs at Capricorn One Vintage if you want to check out her beautiful creations.

How I love vintage jewelry!

And for 6 years in the 1990s I created and sold a line of what I called 'Candle Bowers' made with wire, beads, stones, mirrors, and vintage jewelry all of which ensnared a candle in glass holder with its flame mirrored for special effect.

The idea came to me from bower birds and the way they build their nests, some of them into egg-shaped creations, and so I did the same with wire. Silver wire made the best leaf shapes though sadly I had to stop working with wire altogether when a dermatologist explained to dumblehead me that I was taking metals into my system whenever moisture was present. And in Georgia in summer, it always was. Crum.

Yes, I still miss creating wire sculptures so I thought you might wish to view one of them here for 'old time's sake' which is quite appropriate for vintage jewelry lovers, yes? You can see a mirror reflecting the candle snugged inside the top of the piece:

And here's one of my inspirations which I watched on PBS back in the day - a BBC video of David Attenborough spying on a romantically minded Australian bower bird as he prepares a nest for his lady love to be! The bird prepared, not Mr. Attenborough.

Hubba hubba! That nest looks pretty appealing!


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