Brazen Self-Promotion, at your service! Art included...


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Hmm...my Jude Cowell Art Products are not yet showing up in this, my Zazzle Art Shop's SlideShow Panel, posted just for you! Plus, there's no tellin' which of my products will be on display by the time you mosey here to pause along the trail and steal a peep...hope you view something from my Art Shop since this particualr Zazzle Panel's code is meant to magically display my stuff!

Mental note: this may take a while so check back later to see What's Showing...


Note: If you're mature and sophisticated, you might just enjoy a browse of some new 'fanciful figure studies' in the gallery @ Cosmic Persona Designs where you'll discover Boudoir Blossoms character portraits and other drawings in the Cosmo-Erotic, Chiffonery Art, and Cosmic archetypal and mythical realms, for the illustrations 'happen' whenever I think of drawing something sedate for those of an adult persuasion.

For Children's Art my portfolio includes: Fairy, Moon, Cosmic, and even Botanical Art (both flowery and fishy) and much of it resides primarily in two spots on the Web:

Secret Moon Art and

Dreamyfish Art...so perhaps I'll see you there or there, hmm?


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