How's your supply of Health and Wellness?

It's been simply eons that I spent time on the Associated Content website where I've been known to write a little, but have not since Garfield was president (practically.) Not that Garfield. The other one.

Well, I just returned from a brief sojourn with AC and my browser carrying a link for you. It's an article by Laura Brady concerning Health and Wellness which you may find very useful.

And one of the best things about Ms. Brady's article is that it makes absolutely no mention of health care reform or the current deform we're limping along with now.

So go along and check it out, for who can ever have enough health and wellness?

And as a wise man once said, Consider the spine.


image: a pencil portrait of Self-Heal, moseyed over from Secret Moon Art if you're in the mood for more visuals of the Botanical, Fairy, Moon, Cosmic, and Children's varieties of artwork...all pencil, all the time. Followers heartily and publicly welcomed! jc


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