Astrologer Lynn Hayes on Health Care Reform

In 2005, when I first began blogging on Politics reflected through the lens of Astrology, one of my very first online Astrology friends was the gracious and expert astrologer, Lynn Hayes.

Well, now I'm posting this shout-out to Lynn's article of August 19, We need real healthcare reform not more insurance, a sentiment I share, and one which would seem to be a given, now wouldn't it?

At least a 'given' in a normal world with less political opportunism and a ban on the cynical use of people's easily swayed emotions, that is.

Image is an illustration of 'Jimson weed in bloom' from an Associated Content article on avoiding the Deadly Nightshades in your diet, which is a very good thing to do if you're sensitive to them.

If you have any itchy skin conditions or your tummy grumbles against you, you may wish to check out the possibility that regular nightshade consumption may be part of the problem. That's a valuable health hint from me to you, if you'll take it!


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