Astrology of Sotomayor and her SCOTUS nom 5.26.09

Today at 10:15 am edt, Pres. Obama announced his nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court bench. Click link for a few of her natal Astrology details as well as details of today's nomination announcement during a Mercury Rx period, uh oh!

Remember that in Jan 20, 2009's Inauguration chart set for Noon, Mercury (oaths, announcements, nominations) was Rx, and because of Justice Robert's glitch, Barack Obama took a second oath, just in case. Will he have to make a alternate nomination for David Souter's vacated seat?

GOP opposition is pre-heated since her name had been mentioned often in recent weeks or months, and with transiting Pluto 2Cap40 Rx opposing Sotomayor's natal Sun in Cancer, her confirmation is in doubt by this particular, if reluctant, astrologer.

That said, any contact of natal Sun with powerful Pluto may indicate her connection being completed with the power elite, yet an opposition with the manipulating ('dwarf') planet will be fraught with conflict even if Sotomayor manages to be confirmed...unless she's willing to play the game their way.

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