America's Scorpio Rising Natal Chart

There are many possible natal (birth) charts for the United States of America which are in use today and I admit to using the '12Sag' Rising chart most often (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA - aka the 'Sibly' chart.)

And Sagittarius Rising does describe our national selves quite well with expansive Jupiter as chart-ruler at '6Cancer'..."Game Birds Feathering Their Nests." Weight gain aside, it does sound accurate for all of us money-makers but especially for the denizens and hoodlums on Capitol Hill whose 'work' is so often overpaid and grossly perked.

Yet for a chart to 'work' (be correct) transits and progressions must time out with events. Seldom have I had a chance to do this sort of rectification delving along with the historical research it would necessitate.

So when ace political astrologer Michael O'Reilly says that he has done the work and prefers the Scorpio Rising chart, I have to check it out...especially since astrologer, meta-physician, and almanac publisher, Benjamin Franklin, appears on the $20 dollar bill with Philadelphia's Independence Hall clock pointing to 2:21 - I take Ben's clue very seriously.

At 2:21 pm LMT, 8Sco27 arose in Philadelphia - and now we see that President Obama's natal Neptune conjuncts this Ascendant - not a very stable influence, sad to say, and possibly indicating deceptions and/or illusions (including his 'rock star' image. Of course, another Neptunian word is: inspiration.) Or it may indicate that he has spiritual links with America and our nation's founding.

For years I have used the Scorpio Rising chart for surveillance/secret agencies issues (CIA, FBI, etc), but now I'm trying it out more often particularly because of the president's Neptune there, and the fact that the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint has been conjoining it off and on for months.

Back to Old Ben:

As the story goes, Franklin had wanted the TURKEY to be America's totem animal rather than Scorpio's eagle which we ended up adopting. But knowing that Mr. Franklin was something of a prankster, I wonder if his suggestion of the gobbly bird was more of a joke brought on by a sense of humor and the menu at the first Thanksgiving meal at Plymouth.

(Pass the cornbread dressing, we don't care much for stuffin' round here!)

Anyway, I've posted a link in the sidebar just after Thomas Jefferson's remarks (at top) to a chart-image-with-text concerning the US Scorpio Rising chart. Hopefully WordPress and your browser settings will allow you to enlarge the chart - otherwise you'll need your best googly eagle eyes to read the chart details scribbled upon it!


image: Imperfect Mandala, a drawing by yours truly; 2009+


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new blog! Just found it via Google Alerts.
"Benjamin Franklin, astrologer..." I hear this from time to time. Is there evidence he used astrology? I can imagine that some astro sneaked into his almanacs, to help farmers work out when to sow and when to reap, but do you know if it went much beyond that?

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Christine and thanks for your good wishes!

Many authors have details on Franklin's use of Astrology. It is well known that Ben himself wrote all of his Almanack for years nd an early page from Poor Richard's shows his handiwork listing planetary positions ephemeris-style (hope this link will display live for you.)

Plus, in books such as Founding Fathers, Secret Societies (Robt Hieronimus) Franklin's Masonry membership is mentioned (and other organizations as well that also use Astrology) - and the 'death prediction' of his rival Titus Leeds is detailed...his remarks would have been jibberish to anyone not conversant with the language and able to set up horoscopes. The advertising farce gained BF much notoriety and increased Almanack sales several times over (as he intended!)

It's easy to find the Franklin/Leeds case online if you like - the date of Franklin's death prediction for Leeds: Oct 17, 1733, '3 ho, 29 m, PM.'

Leeds didn't die on schedule but each year BF published that he was dead...well, I guess ya had to be there!

Thanks for your comment, Jude ;p

ps: Christine, as you see, i'm not caught up adding Astrology (or Art) links...more on the way! jc

Unknown said...

Hi, Jude!

Thanks for this post. In looking at the chart, I can't help but notice that the only aspect the Moon makes before going VOC is to the chart's ruler, Pluto.

I'm sure that this has implications of its own, but keeping in mind that the existance of Pluto wasn't known at the time, and that, to the minds of those astrologers, the Moon really was VOC, I wonder if this act of independence on the part of the Founding Fathers was actually intended to "come to nothing". (Which would fall in line with the idea that the US has never been truly "independent" from certain powerful entities.) Your thoughts?



Jude Cowell said...

Hi there, Rebecca!

You make an excellent point esp since as you say they would not have known about Pluto...the planet of the unconscious along with the Moon (unconscious) in an irritating aspect! (i've always heard that Franklin wanted the Moon past opposition to our Cancerian planets, too, or Luna would've been in workaholic Capricorn.)

Yes, Moon VOC does indicate things not working out as planned if at all, or in this case, perhaps not working out as we-the-people have always expected or believed they should.

Some say the Great Seal of the US with its reverse side's Eye of Horus, 13-step pyramid, '13' arrows in the eagle's claws/olive branch/'13' stars, and enigmatic words (on the dollar bill as well) indicates a mysterious destiny planned by the Founders and one which we've been left unaware for decades+...which could attribute partially to the VOC Moon.

That an African American ('dark side' - or the president could have been a woman representing the intuitive side - if she had attracted the largest crowds) was elected in 2008 could be what the 'switch' to the inconscious/reverse side of the Seal means - America has always been known as the New World - and the NWO rolls along toward totalitarianism.

(Sybil Leek wrote that societies shift toward totalitarianism during cycles when the earth heats up. So far she's been right.)

That the US is and has been an integral part of the 'new age' agenda is obvious, of course; plus, many levels of experience may be symbolized by the 'switch'..our character change to torturing (Cheney's 'dark side' as in reverse vs obverse of the Seal), locking people up never to be heard from again, you name it - our government has changed until it's a struggle to recognize it.

If only i could have confidence that the BHO adm is different from the last few...some would say, since the adm of Andrew Jackson when banking interests took over our nation.

And THAT sounds eerily familiar these days, doesn't it?

And you've hit the nail - the US isn't so independent at all, is she? Historically i think of Geo Washington's election of the time of Cornwallis' Surrender...wonder if you've seen the chart which I posted in the sidebar as a Page at jude's threshold if you find a mo to check it out...the idea being that GW chose the time astrologically for our benefit but that ending a savage war while looking like the victor was the script they followed in order to get it over with - after the real deals had been made.

Thanks a bunch for your remarks, Rebecca, Jude