May 24's Gemini New Moon is Obama's Moon Return

Since returning from vacation my blogging time has been too brief to suit but Bev at Lavender Moon is already on the case of May 24's Gemini New Moon so please check it out!

Of interest to my Astro-Political noggin is that this New Moon is actually a Moon Return for President Obama whose natal Moon 3Gem21 is posited in his 4th house of Home, Domestic Scene, and Family.

Being raised in part by his grandmother reflects the duality of a Gemini Moon in 4th house.

Here are a few details for May 24, 2009's New Moon, chart set for Washington, DC:

8:10:55 am edt, New Moon in 12th house, Hour of Venus 18Ari15 in 10th house semi-square New Moon; Saturn 14Vir58 in conjunct IC 16Vir52; Moon is chart-ruler with 7Can30 rising.

Pres. Obama's natal Sun/Moon midpoint 7Can57 is rising in the New Moon chart so we see that:

Sun/Moon = ASC: frank and open behavior; meetings; contacts; sociability.

The New Moon is being quincunxed (inconjunct = 150 degr) by controlling Pluto 2Cap43 Rx just having dropped into 6th house of Health, Work, and Service (including military and police services.) The quincunx is, however, separating (0S45) which indicates a past event or condition, but can also indicate unconsciousness of the aspect's energy. Adjustments have been forcibly made!

In general, Moon inconjunct Pluto = feelings (Moon) out of sync with the inner self (Pluto.) There is a sense of emotional strain with this aspect and when afflicting a lighthearted Gemini Moon this is heavy pressure coming from Pluto (which I often refer to in national charts as 'the secret hand' or the 'power elite.')

In 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, Long-Distance Travel, In-laws, Foreigners is the expansive Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune-Pandora team, all at 26AQ13/28 which conjuncts US natal Moon ('the people' in the US 5:10 pm lmt chart, aka the 'Sibly' chart.)

So if you're an American you may feel a sense of 'going with the wind' and participating in high-flying speculations all through 2009 and into 2010. For as you know, the May 27 Great Conjunction of inflationary Jupiter and Neptune is coming soon to a bank near you.

The president's Lunar Return occurs just before the New Moon at 8:00:57 am edt with only Saturn in a different house from the New Moon chart - Saturn hasn't 'jumped' the IC yet in BHO's Return chart and is conj IC 14Vir10. So all in all, Housing, Health, and Service issues are very much on the president's lunar menu now, and as you know, a Lunar Return describes changes of circumstances and fluctuations in one's daily routine.

A New Moon in a Moon Return chart shows the birth of something new and a congealing of energies that stimulates enthusiasm in that area (the house in which it falls.) (Celeste Teal, Identifying Planetary Triggers.)

Yet when you're US president, your Moon Return relates to The People you represent (or purport to represent) so that a New Moon upon your natal Moon indicates a new phase of conditions beginning! In both charts, the action is in the behind-the-scenes 12th house; Saturn conj IC in BHO's Lunar Return chart indicates loss or restriction (Saturn) relating to housing and the domestic scene (and may also relate to mining disasters but hopefully not.)

It may also indicate a crystallization or a bringing into form something that is related to 4th house matters...particularly important here because we're talking about the Moon's natural house (Tropical; Western), the 4th.

Obviously the transiting midpoints of powerful Jupiter/Pluto, Neptune/Pluto, and Pluto/Chiron - all at 29Cap+, a critical degree - are nearing transiting North Node (NN 1AQ50 in 8th house of both charts) with Inauguration 2009's Sun ('the leader') and Mercury Rx in their critical line of sight very soon - within orb now actually.

Now perhaps this pile-up on a critical degree of three indicators of plutocratic manipulations is not as sinister as I tend to think it, but at the least, it indicates meetings (NN) with powerful banking interests (Jup/Plu), energy titans (Nep/Plu), and those who pull the strings from behind the scenes (Plu/Chir.)

The president's natal Saturn Rx and Jupiter Rx are in the 28 Cap - 1 AQ mix as well and are conjunct 8th cusp in the New Moon chart, so it's more expansion (Jup) vs restriction (Sat) issues concerning financial matters (8th house); and how Pres. Obama is handling these concerns is (predictably) under constant scrutiny (as it should be)- but to the point of getting in the way of aiding the populace they revile by taking all advantages to themselves, cheating their way into more fortune than deserved, and prevaricating about their roles in the dramas they so willingly act out on TV (soon to go digital June 12 - the better to subliminalize and propagandize you), and at the Capitol Hill Theater, Dahlink, that Masonic Temple on a Shining Hill.

Now these big-honcho meetings began from the start of Obama's presidency, of course (actually before!), but the New Moon/Moon Return charts for May 24, 2009 indicate that we'll be hearing more of the theme 'meetings with senior advisers' (and with world leaders) as the weeks go by.

Ah, America the Beautiful - my only nag in the race!

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