A Scorpio Full Moon at Midnight May 9, 2009

Well, May 9's Full Moon 18Sco41 perfects not quite at midnight but close enough for a blog post's title. At the White House it will be exact at 12:01:22 am edt, so put on your spectacles if you wish to read my fairly extensive notes on this 'Midnight Full Moon' and view its chart with a critical YOD pattern ('Finger of God') pointing at Mercury Rx in Gemini, a T-square with Jupiter at focal point, and other factors of interest.

The Earth-Water Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio blend is shared natally by Pres. Harry Truman, whose most famous pronouncement may be, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

Less famously he remarked that, "It will be just as easy for nations to get along in a republic of the world as it is for us to get along in a republic of the United States."

He was speaking of the League of Nations which morphed into the United Nations and yes, Harry was a one-world-government man, too. Read on and keep Mr. Truman in mind, if you like...

This is a stubborn, confident, and protective combo of energies with strong appetites and a willful, shrewd mind. Strategy, independence, and deep perception are evident so look out for varmints in your environment - or in the news - who exhibit these qualities. He or she will be full of obsessive convictions about what they're doing. Personal magnetism and self-confidence abound with this blend.

This is an "I know best" combo that can't understand when people use the word, bossy, to describe its personality; it can denote a bon viveur and a talented artist...is this you, Dear Reader?

The paradox is that material security and a loathing of change are indicated, yet risk-taking and challenge are musts as well. Immense amounts of work are easy for Sun Tau-Moon Sco as adrenalin courses through the veins.

Strengths are confidence, persistence, administrative power and organizational abilities with a charismatic and dramatic presence felt by all.

Weaknesses include terrific stubbornness, strong subjectivity and fixed prejudices, a ruthless desire for power, and an explosive temper.

The 'Images for Integration' are: The mating season...Persephone and Pluto...The Phantom of the Opera...Dennis Potter's The Singing Detective. ('Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, Truman certainly played Pluto's role in dropping atom bombs on Japan, didn't he? And humankind suffers permanent damage from his emotionally rationalized actions as the Atom Split rent a veil of natural law which can never be mended in this Earth's lifetime.

But leaving Politics out of it, this should be a beautiful Full Moon so I'm wishing everyone clear enough skies in which to appreciate its gorgeousness!

Update 7:45 pm edt: the Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon (Sun and Moon) are now posted at jude's threshold just for you!

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