Astrology of a Political Assassination 1967

During student demonstrations against the shah of Iran in Berlin on the evening of June 2, 1967, student Benno Ohnesorg was murdered by a shot to the back of his head - witnesses say while the West Berlin police were beating him.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, shah of Iran, was in attendance that violent evening at the West Berlin opera house, and had had pro-shah demonstrators flown in from Iran to battle with the student protesters.

But it took a Stasi secret agent, one Karl-Heinz Kurras, to deal the fatal shot to Ohnesorg whose death became a rallying cry for left wing radicals who called themselves the 'June 2 Movement' - they terrorized Germany for decades afterward and over 30 people were killed in the wake of Kurras' assassination of student Ohnesorg who was protesting the brutal regime of Pahlavi.

Astoundingly, Kurras' defense at trial was a 'self-defense' plea (acquitted twice in 1967 and 1970 but newly found Stasi documents indicate that a re-trial may be in the offing for the 81-year-old Kurras. They'd better hurry.)

An Astrological Thumbnail Sketch of the Assassination:

Kurras allegedly fired the shot at 8:30 pm CET, Berlin, Germany, June 2, 1967, 14Sag54 rising and with the violent, radical Uranus/Pluto Conjunction still within orb in Virgo: Ura 20Vir17; Plu 17Vir59, in 9th house of Foreign Enemies.

Pluto links to Arachne 17Pis44 by opposition; Arachne is an asteroid whose archetypes are connected with entanglements, networks, and webs (including the spy ring and secret agent kind.)

Powerful Pluto wears, of course, his helmet of invisibility on most occasions so going to the opera would be no exception. And deceptive, sabotaging, undermining Neptune (also planet of the masses) is in spying Scorpio.

Asteroid Hopi (prejudice; ambush) is in 9th house as well at a critical or crisis degree - 29Vir46 opposing wounded Chiron 29Pis26 in 3rd house.

3rd house also contains Saturn (authority; control; form) and the Moon (physical body; the people; publicity) so the Moon/Saturn conj is opposed by the actor - in this case, the shootist - Mars 15Lib20 conj Midheaven (MC = the goal); the Part of Fatality is conjunct Mars, and vengeful Venus conjuncts 8th cusp 24Can13, degree of US natal Mercury '25Can': "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power." I don't know if the US link is applicable to the assassination, I'm just noting it here.)

Moon/Saturn = Mars: inhibitions; feelings of inferiority; separation; the sense of real problems; difficulty getting off the ground except by very careful, strategically planned exertion of energy.(Tyl; Ebertin.)

(Student demonstrator Ohnesorg wasn't given a chance to get off the ground, and was, in fact, put under it.)

Saturn '11Aries' was at the "The President of the Country" degree with Moon 11Ari31 in 4th house; Sun 11Gem34 sextile Moon (0A03); chart-ruler Jupiter 1Leo40 in 8th house of Death and Money along with sometimes-vengeful Venus 25Can55.

Jupiter as chart-ruler applies to a semi-square with Pluto (45 degr: semi-squares can have health connotations), and applies to conj with Venus (5A50) - Kurras walked free, requesting money for a lawyer - from the Stasi, as documents now show.

Two planets we tend to associate with sabotage, Neptune 22Sco28 Rx, is in 11th house of Groups and Associations, in secretive Scorpio; Pluto as noted is in Virgo, 9th house. Pluto is focal planet in a T-Square pattern...

Sun/ASC = Pluto: the power play through personal persuasion; fated events; a turn of destiny; the desire for influence.

Yes, coping string-puller Pluto always has a desire for influence, and assassination is no obstacle in 'his' path. But you may wish to read the above-linked article for more on Kurras' communiques with the now-defunct Stasi secret police...or are they only morphed afresh and hiding under an assumed name?


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