Tarot Card 12: The Hanged Man - new perspectives

Hey! the Tarot Card of the Day for May 13, 2009 at Stargates54 is The Hanged Man with a very interesting evaluation of the meaning of this enigmatic card!

The Hanged Man archetype indicates that new perspectives are required as we become more introspective and thus able to listen to our higher promptings...don't struggle or chafe, relax and see another's p.o.v.

Adapting to changing circumstances is called for now and peak moments may occur as our everyday patterns are disrupted either positively or negatively.

Are you stuck in a negative pattern at the moment? Break free by stepping off the merry-go-round even if only for a hour's meditation or prayer...repeat until refreshed.

If you practice yoga, The Bow would be a perfect posture for circulating the energy flow into your mind to go along with emotional and intuitional realizations and inspirations you receive/d from being 'suspended' a while.

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