Two Hours You'll Never Get Back's first post

Spend two hours reading and viewing here if you wish, but you do know they're totally non-refundable, right?

Yes, it would be impossible to spend a full two hours on one inconsequential blog such as this, but when was the last time you heard, 'one minute you'll never get back'?

So you see my dilemma: my choices were quite limited. And when you have only one choice, you have no choice at all.

Just so you know: this blog will be a tapestry of whatever for any reason. Don't expect anything but the best of what one lone blogger can manage, Dear Reader, typos and all. You shall occasionally be addressed as Dear Reader whether such a term of affection applies to you or not.

Comments and queries are welcome if you'll stay on topic for the post you're complai...I mean, commenting on. Comment moderation shall occur; link trades are most welcome so don't stint yourself on that score.

Art, Astrology, Politics, Cultural and Social Issues, Poetry, Ecological concerns, Spiritual and Futuristic subjects including Space, Cosmic, and Astronomy topics will be presented when inspiration lights on my shoulder and doesn't get brushed off by mistake.

Out of the corner of your eye you may notice that Fairy Art appears from time to time but please don't be alarmed: they won't harm you. It's the politicians you should be worried about.

jc 5.5.09 1:11 am edt

New Blog idea occurred: 5.5.09 at 12:03 am edt, Pluto 3Cap24 Rx and rising (uh oh) with Mercury 1Gem34 about to station retrograde (1Gem44)...oh dear. At least Fixed Star Arcturus ('a different approach') was shining at Midheaven.

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