Children's Art: the Hero's Journey of Pattillo Armadillo

Here you see my first-ever drawing from 1995 of what turned out to be a children's book character, Pattillo Armadillo.

The image shows up a bit yellow-tinged because it's 3rd generation - a photo scanned from a drawing - and is one of my many 1995 to 2000 illustrations embossed with silver pencil.

Actually, the Spectracolor pencil used was non-tarnishing aluminum which keeps its silvery look longer. And the camera's flash gave the photos of these particular drawings a certain quality that my current simple scanned-direct-from-drawings do not possess...but smaller images fit the scanner bed, no camera required.

And it is more direct from drafting table to you, Dear Reader. Ex: so far all drawings in left sidebar except 'Purple Pansies' are direct from scanner. See the diff?

Be that as it may or may not be, Pattillo is from my children's book Pattillo Armadillo and the Dream of Green (2004/05) and if you'd like to take a stroll with me down mystical forest paths, you've moseyed to the right place today because I'm in the mood for such a bold sashay myself.

Now this could potentially and temporarily turn you into Dear Viewer, y'know, but not to fuss.

So where shall we venture first?

Let's check out a scene from somewhere inside The Great Lichen Forest with Fairy in attendance.

And if you can be very quiet, you may spy little Pattillo snoozing underneath a 'Shroom Home, for heroes need their shut-eye in case they must perform valiantly at the drop of a leaf - and mushrooms make nifty living and sleeping quarters for the wee ones amongst us.

In another part of the forest lies a glen where Minerva's Owl alights upon an old-growth tree. In his story, Pattillo was fortuitously watched over by just such an owl as this!

Now Pattillo has never visited this area of the forest but you are cordially invited to stop by Fairy Glen on your way home to dinner (and I would recommend you take the Path Home in Blue, if you don't mind a smally detour.)

Yes, Pattillo's belly is always very concerned over the where-abouts of his next grubby meal, as all armadillos tend to be. DNA takes the day!

Well, I hope your stroll has somewhat refreshed you from your labours and cares, Dear Viewer, but don't hesitate to nab other mystical views with a few Pattillo image links included at Secret Moon Art, your Art Blog for Botanical, Cosmic, Moon, and Children's Illustrations of Nature's Kind Abundance!


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