Studying States of Mysticism

Is peyote mysticism truly a spiritual experience? Studies of peyote usage and its effects on the human brain as well as data on other consciousness expanding chemicals are underway and spilling a few psychedelic beans.

Perhaps the current spotlight on chemically-induced spiritual (Neptune) or religious (Jupiter) experiences (*Chiron) is a newsy shout-out from our Collective Unconscious now being triggered by that travelin' mystical trio, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in collective-loving Aquarius. What do you think?

As you know, the astrological *Chiron is 'experiential' and advises us to be here now...good advice for anyone and everyone everywhere.

Chiron returns to its Nov 1977 Discovery Degree '4 Taurus' three times in the years 2027/28, so click this link if you wish, for an art representation of a Chiron-blessed evening under the stars, and for Sabian Symbol details for Chiron's Discovery Degree of '4Tau' = "A Rainbow's Pot of Gold."

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