Adam Lambert sings with KISS 'American Idol' video 5.20.09

Quelle surprise! Couldn't resist posting this YouTube vid of Adam Lambert's exhilarating performance tonight with KISS in the 'American Idol' finale. You know...the collaboration that was the peak highlight of the evening?

Yet Congratulations go to Kris Allen for winning the 2009 'American Idol' crown - he's very good and sweetly handsome for an 'idol' of any kind - but really now!

Methinks some strategy for major moola-making is going on! And that's the part of the evening that is no surprise at all.

~:~ Update: here's a brief post concerning Adam Lambert's natal chart if you'd like to check out his Sun AQ-Moon Pisces blend (or possibly Moon in Aries since Luna changed signs on Jan 29, 1982.)

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