5 for Fashion: feathered icon 5/11/09

This detail from 5 for Fashion is ID'd as 'feather icon' and you might see why.

Check the sidebar for a larger detail which, if you dare to click, you'll be led to the full image of this recently completed drawing during a small thunderstorm that whisked through early this morning...pre-dawn.

At Stars Over Washington I'm posting the horoscope chartery for this afternoon's planned space shuttle Atlantis launch, Cape Canaveral, Florida.

And you'll wish to nab the launch's Sun-Moon blend details if you're curious.

Chart-and-launch-ruler, and planet associated with air travel, Mercury is Rx at Midheaven with Saturn 14Vir56 Rx in 1st house and thus rising soon after 2:01 pm edt.

This is not a chart I can like as far as leaving the surly bonds of earth so I'm only posting the chart image with a few very brief observations. Must ready myself for a family out-of-towner jaunt coming up this week so blogging time may lack and I want to post something about the May 14 'secret enclave' in Greece. I've been hearing cackles - I think they're about to egg us again.

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