5.6.09: A White House full of presidents - NN to Inaugural Jupiter

First off, here's a view from abroad on the global measures being taken against 'swine flu', a view which characterizes the efforts as 'absurd' and 'ludicrous'.

While I can't speak to measures taken abroad and their effects on society, here at home I'm tempted to think that there have been too many school closings and other cancellations...until I remind myself that many students have relatives at home with impaired immune systems.

And if you have any experience with school age children and offspring you know that school settings are typically quite a breeding ground for viruses even on a good day!

Ill people should stay home, whatever their age. Simple, no? You'd think so.

Yes, 'over-reactive' measures are easily characterized as such but only if you or a loved one are not one of the fallen - one's views and perspectives change very quickly then.


Astrologically today, as Pres. Obama meets at the White House with the presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan, I see that the transiting North Node (NN - the 'head of the dragon') is pointing to Inaugural 2009's Jupiter 3AQ32 in Inaugural 10th house (wider world.)

I had wondered what big encounter or meeting would occur for the president when NN aligned with Inaugural Jupiter so now I know...three presidents in the White House discussing people who are (among other things) fighting against the one-world-government now squalling in its birth pangs. Our government is rife with Trilateralists and others who are 'marching' us toward a world government, as David Rockefeller described it in his 1991 speech to the Trilateral Commission.

Today orator Mercury, trining Inaugural 2009 Mercury, is on degree for a turn-around, but first must seemingly stand still a day or two at '2Gemini'...Sabian Symbol: 'Santa Claus Filling Stockings Furtively' which sounds as if moneybags Jupiter may be purchasing we-know-not-what from visiting foreign leaders - cooperation? Silence?

Sun in mid-Taurus today inconjunct Moon in mid-Libra indicates a compulsion to make enormous concessions to others out of a desire to hold on to past ties and old associations.

This could be a very expensive meeting for the USA as today's inconjunct between the lights will reward tales of woe with tea and sympathy - on White House china, no less.

For more on Sabian Symbols, you may wish to visit the excellent Australian astrologer Lynda Hill and perhaps use her one-click Oracle feature to ask a question of the Symbols!

More storms are imminently on the way, so now I'm whisking off to Stars Over Washington to post a few details on the Sun-Moon blend for today.

NOON UPDATE: NPR just reported on today's meeting which of course involves Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and called the meeting 'trilateral'! In more ways than one, I assert.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jude,

Excellent as usual! I especially like your linking of the t NN to the inaugural chart--back to where it all began, so to speak--and your use of the Sabians to peak behind White House walls!

You always offer a fresh angle on things--Thanks for that!

Jude Cowell said...

Yay, my 1st comment on this new blog - and i'm glad it's you, Julie, thanks!

Sometimes i want to apologize for my 'angle' - yet i do, after all, use Astrology to look at an infested political body. Ugh! that sounds bad on many levels, doesn't it? ;p


Unknown said...

Hi, Jude!

Wanted to get your thoughts on the upcoming Bilderberg meeting being held in Greece next week (May 14-17). Of course, it's not the easiest thing to come by an exact start time, but the chart set for Athens (not really there, but as close as Astrodienst gets) on the 14th at noon is an interesting read, to say the least. Most notable is the Kite formation between the following planets:

The "tail" is Saturn Rx in the 2nd; the "shoulders" are the Moon in the 6th and the Sun in the 10th (conjunct Mercury Rx); and the "nose" is Uranus in the 8th.

Even without the info leaks about the decisions our good friends will surely be making next week, the involvement of the 2nd and 8th houses pretty clearly points to lots of action in the financial hijinks department.

Don't know if you're planning to post an article, but I for one would love to read your analysis of this event, as you always do a great job of highlighting some of the more subtle (and trickier) features of a chart!

Keep up the great work. - Rebecca

Jude Cowell said...

Wow, Rebecca, thanks for the info and your kind comments!

You KNOW you've intrigued me - the meeting was in my notes from a while back but i had been busy and forgotten...will take a peek and post here Friday (5.8.09) or over the weekend depending how my schedule goes! Thnx again, jude