Innovating email: the Google Wave

An innovation is to be unveiled later this year: the Google Wave for emailing, instant messaging, and more.

Considering the email problems I'm having lately, can I stand to wait? Probably. Because it's usually a touted 'upgrade' that plops my pc into a mess like it's in now!


Heads-up if you like the Art Form they call paper collage...you may wish to view Secret Moon Art's latest post, Cat Archaeologist and do click to enlarge for more detail!


clymela said...

Well here is one of your DEVOTED readers-28+aries rising and a cat person. Really I will follow you anywhere-the smarter to become.

Jude Cowell said...

LOL! Clymela, this reminds me of my niece who had problems with English in primary school so i taught her her grammar and sentence-diagramming when i was 9 and 10! Sadly those talents have been waned by now, but thank you so very much for your kind comment and vote of confidence!!