'New' Old Music from Herr Mozart premieres!

By now you've heard that two pieces of long-unheard music composed by Amadeus Mozart have been discovered and were premiered in Austria yesterday! The compositions were written in his very early days so perhaps I should type 'never-heard music' but anyway, this is very exciting news for this particular Mozart music lover, and it confirms for the doubting Mozart's rank as the prime prodigy of his day (or perhaps of any day, imo.)

You'll find that Wikipedia's entry, Mozart and Freemasonry, gives details of Herr Mozart's membership in an Illuminati-inspired branch of Freemasonry in Vienna, Austria, where Maestro Mozart was first admitted as an apprentice on Dec 14, 1784.

His "on loan from God" musical talent made him popular in all the lodges! When you think, Illuminati, think, The Enlightenment.

Also there's another Wiki entry on a famous and solemn composition for the Brotherhood in memory of two Masonic aristocratic friends of Mozart, Maurerische Trauermusik, if you'd care to nab a peek.

And if you're a Mozart fan, check out the excellent Mozart Project just to keep up with the maestro.

Funny, but I just noticed that my title for this post represents the ongoing opposition between Saturn (old; the past) and Uranus (new; the future) under which all on Earth now labor, so this tuneful 'time capsule' has been appropriately opened and revealed, I'd say, as one of the kinder expression of the antithetical duo, Saturn and Uranus as the past enters the future!


Image: pencil portrait, Herr Mozart, by jude cowell 2009+


Anonymous said...

Love this! Saw the house where Mozart was born in Salzburg--there was a big dumpster in front of it. Somehow that killed the romance (as did the availability of 'Mozart Kugeln'--Mozart's Balls--eveywhere you turn) jd

Jude Cowell said...

Oh dear, whoever thought a dumpster was appropriate for the Maestro? Not romantic or hallowed, isn it?

Sounds a bit like his burial in a mass grave, although some say that isn't the case. i suspect it is though and am wondering where you stand on the issue...?

A dumpster in front of his house...that's just crazy. Yhere must be other less-viewed spots to place it.

But how wonderful that you were there.

And Mozart's Balls don't sound appetizing in the least, imo lol! Are they? ;p

Jude Cowell said...

Sheesh, the typo gremlin has my fingers in a twist today, sorry! jc