Julia Child: natal chart + death chart


Lower left: Julia Child, nee Julia Carolyn McWilliams, born August 15, 1912, Pasadena, CA, 11:30 pm PST from Birth Certificate; Rodden Rating: AA; highlighted in pink; Hour of Venus.

Upper right: died in sleep (kidney failure); August 13, 2004; at home in Santa Barbara, CA, 2:50 am PDT; highlighted in green; Hour of Saturn.

(As you see, my scribbled 'Bon Appetit' is incorrectly spelled as 'Appetite'...my bad, in a hurry typo gremlins always come out to bedevil.)

With the new film Julie and Julia premiering wide tomorrow, Friday, August 7, there's much to say about both charts but it will have to wait until Friday or Saturday. Perhaps if you click to enlarge the image you may read some basic details notated. (It's late and the Sandman is calling my name.)

As a teen-aged fan of the French language, Julia Child as The French Chef was right up my Champs Elysees, and I cooked up a few of her recipes as well...my best effort turned out to be her Chocolate Mousse, if you're wondering.

So I'll be sure to return to the scene and type in a few chart details and observations as soon as the real world permits me time, ma petite chou chou.

to be cont'd...

Update Saturday 8.8.09:

PBS is now showing episodes of Julia Child's PBS show as part of their pledge drive. She's about to cook a big fish now!

Natal chart: an unaspected Mars 18Vir53 in 5th house, conjunct the cusp and connected with 4th house of Domestic Scene; 4th house contains Sun 23Leo, Mercury 3Vir53 Rx, and Venus 4Vir25. The Mercury/Venus conj in Virgo indicates her ability to communicate pleasantly (Merc/Ven) on food and nurturing issues (Virgo); plus, Mercury is important as her natal chart-ruler. (Saturn so near ASC is chart-ruler, too.)

Sun in 4th house indicates her ability to 'shine' regarding Domestic Issues, and Moon 11Lib06 is placed in 5th house of Creative Ventures, a good Lunar position for one appearing on television creating recipes of deliciousness. Making her audience laugh (5th house) was good for the show, too, as she dropped chickens and broccoli on the floor and used them anyway. (My Mom loved that!)

You see the Jupiter/Saturn opposition right upn the ASC/DESC axis. Jup/Sat oppositions often indicate one whose life is divided into two halves, one Saturnian (her earlier life - ASC) and one Jupiterian, with n Jupiter happily placed in the guru's natural sign of Sagittarius. This describes her husband's (DESC) travels, too (Sag; Jupiter.)

With her relocation to France (Sag), her life began anew - first half, working hard with college and writing aspirations, second half much more Jupiterian as her cheffing talent came to the fore. Her first TV experience came around age 50, the approximate age at her Chiron Return, with Chiron 9Pis31 Rx, in 10th house of Career, which really picked up then. Pisces is sign sign of fish and...eels, and other squirmy marine animals such as snails which the French are so fond of.

(She's waxing poetic on TV now about the joys of eel - "if you catch it yourself, you have to skin it yourself." Right! But no thanks. No.)

In a 1989 Fresh Air interview replayed yesterday, she stated that she began cooking in her 30s upon arriving in France with her husband, and that French cooking came into vogue about then in part because of the Kennedys in the White House....it became 'chic.' (Read or listen to the interview by clicking the link.)

So as mentioned above, you see the Grand Cross between Mercury/Venus, Jupiter, Chiron, and Ascendant, a planetary pattern which gives dynamic urges for self-expression, especially when an Angle of the natal chart is involved.

We might also include Saturn in this pattern as the opposing force to n Jupiter. Her concept of self-image had to evolve. And Saturn/ASC shows itself as the authority! In America, her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking is still the cadillac for French cuisine whose techniques are the bases of all cooking, as she informed us.

With a Grand Cross (aka, Square), the energies of the planets are filtered through the angle, in this case, n ASC, the lady herself. Here we see what it took to manifest her image so publicly in the world for The French Chef, because her communacative Gemini ASC is the persona that she demonstrated for the cameras.

A Jup/Sat opposition may also indicate weight gain, and as the lady said, "You can never have too much butter!" as Saturn's restriction and Jupiter's expansion vye for control at any given moment. One less pat, please! Yet her gusto for life is seen here, along with her enthusiastic Leonine Sun who loves to shine in the spotlight.

With Moon conjunct South Node the person must draw on their own resources, and well-planned disciplined work is a talent - needed for organizing her book and for the TV show. This gives a determined strength of character which is used to overcome obstacles encountered with Moon/SN. Solid accomlishments result from one's ability to use this conjunction wisely.

And "South Node" is the 'SN of the Moon', with Moon associated with public contacts.

Death chart: marked upon the chart is 'Angular Jupiter' and 'Moon conjunct Saturn' which I read as: Moon (physical body; a woman) stopped or ended (Saturn.) That Jupiter is often near an angle at the time of death is well-known.

A YOD ('Finger of God') pattern involving Chiron (the wounded healer archetype) is marked in green indicating a health crisis; a Mystic Rectangle of celestial beneficence surrounds her, and a Hard Rectangle of poor health is also notated as a prominent lady is released to her eternal rest.

There's also a T-Square formed at life's end...

Jupiter/Mc = Pluto (planet of death and transformation): publicity; potential for extraordinary achievement and recognition.

How well this picture sums up the life of a great and much-beloved lady, Julia Child.

On TV now she's going on about a broiler, "In the full glory of its chickendom" so pardon me while I mosey to watch Julia in her full glory!


Anonymous said...

yeah I went looking at her moon situation, right off the bat haha.

Jude Cowell said...

And what did you see? ;p

Anonymous said...

that s node!

I think Martha Stewart has a virgo venus too if I remember correctly (as do I, which is why it stuck in my mind)

Thanks that was fascinating. I'm going to go listen to her and Terry Gross.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Jude--I love Julia--such a convivial spirit--and nothing was sacred--I too enjoyed her using what fell on the floor, and a lack of fuss over presentation--taste was all! Wrote about her years ago in Dell, a Sabian Sun/Earth thing talking about Soul Purpose--she was such a great example of that!
Hope you're having a lovely Saturday! jd

Jude Cowell said...

BadGlue, sounds like you're on the Virgo case! i think you're correct about Martha Stewart's persnickety Venus in her Fall in Virgo.

And Venus in Vir's high critical standards surely aided her studying at the Cordon Bleu, not an easy course to complete, i'm certain.

Thanks for your comments! jc

Julie, thank you as well - don't suppose you know which issue of Dell since I have quite a few copies as far back as 1997 and you know i would love to read one of your excellent articles!

(Arghh! Made made notes on Pandora-Jupiter but still haven't written it yet. Poo.)

Yes, Julia was a real character and a half, and I'm glad to know you're a fan of hers, too!

Very lovely if hot Saturday here, but not so good on the Hudson River today, sad to say. jc

Anonymous said...

I think it was cool that she was in the OSS.

Have a good weekend.

Jude Cowell said...

Yes it is cool - she said she wanted to be a spy and thought she'd be good - no one would suspect her at 6'2"!

Good Weekend to you! jc

Fernmountain said...

Delighted to read this post!

Jude Cowell said...

Why, thank you Fernmountain, what a lovely name you have there!

You must be a Julia fan, too. jude