January 2011: still blogging about America

Happy Belated New Year 2011 to you and yours!

Today I've been blogging at my Political Astrology blog Stars Over Washington with little chance to consider topics other than the Jan 8, 2011 tragedy in Tucson, AZ against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others, the Moment of Silence held at 11:00 am est this morning in Washington DC, and the Right vs Left rhetoric about violence in the US which is being used now as yet another tactic to keep the American people divided and conquered on these issues...which is meant to keep those in power - in power.

So if you dare, you may wish to read today's post on such events which includes an image of the horoscope of Congress' secret session of March 13, 2008 when members discussed what they'd do for their own security when the people revolted (as noted at the time by Rep. Ron Paul) against congressional sorriness.

This secret session preceded Financial Collapse 2008 by weeks, as you see by its date, and I believe it has implications for the issues being discussed about our current tragedy and subsequent security changes which are said to be in discussion in the House this very week. It's tragic that a young man's frustration and distrust of government led to violence with political 'crosshairs' and 'reload' references encouraging the mentally and emotionally unstable among us to take action.

Now on a much better topic: you may notice a new link in the Two Hours sidebar, upper right, helpfully leading you to the VitaCost website where excellent deals on vitamins, supplements, and other health-improving items may be found!


My latest blog creations? Cosmic Lilith Art, and feel free to check out my new science-y/poem-y blog, Woolly Mammoth Chronicles at your leisure....especially if Science's current project to clone a woolly mammoth concerns you, too.

Image: drawing, Great Lichen Forest w Fairy, from my Secret Moon Art collection. If you like Fairy, Cosmic, and Botanical Art such as this, be sure to view a 12-image Secret Moon Art Calendar 2011 now being offered in my Jude Cowell Art Shop at Zazzle!


A Cosmic Calendar for a brand New Year!


In trying to update all my blogs today before leaving town for the holiday weekend, I've landed here at Two Hours with a little art news for you: the first-ever Secret Moon Art Calendar 2011 is now available for your perusal!

The above image is a snippet from my drawing Pattillo Armadillo and the Dream of Green whose full portrait dons the merry month of March 2011.

So multi-tasker that you undoubtedly are, feel free to check out all of the calendar's 12 cosmic, fairy, and botanical images by following the link above, consider scoring for yourself an art-filled wall calendar of my designs, and...have yourself a very Happy New Year!


And for a more modest financial outlay, see Pattillo starring on his own one-page 2011 calendar in my Blue Tiger Art Shop at Cafe Press - scroll down to 'Cards, Prints, Calendars' where you'll find Pattillo peering out from his own festive Greeting Card, too.


My latest blog now under construction: Cosmic Lilith Art; plus, you may wish to visit the up-and-running Woolly Mammoth Chronicles for Science, Genetics, and Cloning news and videos, along with my fretful Odes to a Woolly Mammoth. jc


How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas, the video!


Now here's a useful lesson caught on video for your holiday gift-wrapping needs.

Rrraowrr-r-r-r! (It helps if your kitty cat is willing.)

Good luck and Happy Holidays!



WikiLeaks and the Diplomacy of Secrecy (video)


If you're like most people, the ongoing, impossible-to-miss WikiLeaks-Julian Assange controversy is a source of some interest so you may wish to check out this video on the topic of the Diplomacy of Secrecy.

You may also wish to read today's Stars Over Washington post which concerns Mr. Assange's natal chart (his birth time has been discovered!) and certain related topics for this double Scorpio with Sun in the self-protective sidewinder sign of Cancer.



Of Comets Green and Art Unscene

Whew! It's been since October 20 that I posted here on Two Hours and my how the year has flown by. For instance, you might be interested in the revelation of first images of Comet Hartley (the 'green comet') today at 4:00 pm edt as presented by NASA:

COMET HARTLEY UPDATE: NASA's Deep Impact (EPOXI) probe is closing in on Comet Hartley 2 for a daring flyby on Nov. 4th. The small but active comet is full of surprises, with spinning jets, geysers of cyanide gas, and a strangely pickle-shaped core. Mission scientists expect to reveal first images from the flyby during a press conference on Thursday afternoon, around 4 pm EDT.

Tune into NASA TV to follow events live, and meanwhile read this story for a preview.

Drawing: Comet Skies from my Unscene World series.

Happy Comet Viewing!



Always get your bubbles from a 5-year-old!


October is Happy Birthday time in my family for my granddaughter turns a very big 5 tomorrow. Here you see her engaging in one of her very favorite activities in the world: blowing beautiful bountiful bubbles!


Yes, Violet has been practicing her bubble skills for years now. Perhaps you saw this blog's helpful Bubble Blowing Tutorial from when she was only 3 years old. It's quite basic yet handy for those whose skills may need a smidgeon of sharpening.

With Violet, it's always Bubble Season!

Photo snapped by Maya Henderson, photographer, fiberista, and mother of a growing-fast Violet.


Been busy w blogs, cats, and Art - howbowchu?


Whew! Today I have updated my political limerick blog Lim's Limericks with Mr. A. Cat's new ditty concerning the November 2010 elections. You may notice that Lim's Limericks is proud to have two Followers - well, it says three but one is me. And if I can figure out how to repair that mistake, it will properly reflect two extremely discerning readers.

Not that I'm no fan of Mr. A. Cat, or of my roomie Lim, the famous feline chef who prepares all my fishy din dins unless and until he's in a snit of miffdom to get his way about something. Then I can starve for all Lim cares! Are all cats despots such as Lim? Most are, I think. Libby Kitty has certainly been on a tear lately: her behavior has turned quite unexpected. As I type she's snoozin' in her newest favorite location: behind the microwave. Odd, if you ask me.

Also updated today is my Political-Mundane Astrology blog Stars Over Washington with a post linking you to a list of campaign donors to our special-interest-promoting congressional candidates compliments of the excellent Mother Jones along with info on the upcoming and difficult transit of Pluto opposing US natal Sun (Sun = the leader in Mundane charts.)

As for Two Hours today, the list of Mythology of Astrology's smaller bodies has been expanded by one: the very interesting and hauntingly musical Orpheus. Simply scroll down the sidebar for the list (it's just after Astrology Faves.)

Plus, the detail/image you see above is from one of my newer drawings, Aubergine, who is actually one of the glamorous pin-up girls in a new Cosmic Lilith Art Calendar 2011 so check our her full portrait if you wish!


Many thanks to readers who have taken time to tick the reaction boxes below my posts...even without leaving Comments, your surreptitious encouragement does not go unnoticed by yours truly! jc



Portrait of a Three-Spotted Rabbitfish


Hello There! Here's a personable little Three-Spotted Rabbitfish (drawn with pencil on paper) floating in from the environs of Western Australia and cordially inviting you to visit my Dreamyfish Art collection of tropical fish portraits, marine news, fishy videos, and links to underwater worlds and topics!

So put on your best fins and glub on over when you may...