New! Jude Cowell Art Slideshow debuts on Bebo

You may wish to check out my newly created Art Slideshow on Bebo, a social networking site I've never investigated until this evening and know very little about - but I hope to learn.

So will the above link whisk you away to view my slideshow...or leave you stranded on a lonely cyber highway? Hope your cell phone is fully charged because you'll be a long way off without directions if it doesn't send ya!

But not to fret for Bebo is here if you should need it, so why not join if you haven't? On Bebo you can organize all your stuff like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc, etc.

And if you're a member already, please let me know because I'm still learning to navigate the site and haven't found you yet!

Here is a list of the 6 images I've included in the Slideshow:

1. A Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message
2. Abandoned Garden with Peonies
3. Darianna Downey
4. North's Carpet
5. At the Club
6. Panacea's Pink Fringe

It's a starry kind of show, as you'll see!


Sunday 8.9.09 Update: here're my Bebo activities so far! Still not sure about this... ;p


DD said...

Wow, what a fun way to display your awesome art! Keep us updated on the site as you figure it out.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, DD, and thanks for viewing my Slideshow!

If 'things work out' with Bebo it will be popping up in different guises here and there on my various blogs, i suspect.