Eric Cantor, debt talks, and astro-blogging

The continuing 'debt talks' and debt default negotiations currently going on at the White House between Starve the Beast Republicans and President Obama have consumed what little blogging time I've had this week so I have not been hanging about here at 2Hrs lately. Mea culpa!

Of course, if America defaults on her debts on August 2, 2011 and the US credit rating is downgraded, no blogging may occur depending on results of the alleged dire consequences for our nation's economy and for the daily lives of our citizens. All the turmoil makes the economic situation a huge topic for bloggers, journalists, and pundits of all stripes which makes it easy as pie to find pro'n'con articles, blog posts, and op-eds by tossing a browser in any direction on the Web.

Then yesterday it occurred to me that a peek at the natal chart of Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor might provide an interesting cache of insights into the debt talks and what are said to be huffy 'walk outs' from the White House meetings, another of which occurred or will occur today, July 15, 2011. (A meeting, hopefully not a walk-out.)

Many of my own opinions about the economic crisis now roiling the US capital (and markets) are already formed at my advanced age yet I do like to snag further information on such topics from folks like Thom Hartmann, a progressive broadcaster of good repute, and my favorite go-to guy.

In a similar news vein, Democracy Now! fills the bill for gaining a clearer view of events than what corporate mainstream media provides us, and you may wish to check out Amy Goodman's excellent reporting there if you haven't.

Videos of current and past broadcasts are available on both sites.

So if either of you wish to 'get to know' Rep. Eric Cantor a little better (or think perhaps you should for apparently he'll be with us a while) through an astrological lens, try my latest post with his natal horoscope shown over @ Stars Over Washington where Cantor's 'special-task/crisis/crossroads' YOD pattern is detailed along with his my-way-or-the-highway Mars/Uranus conjunction in Virgo, sign of The Critic.

Oh, and Mr. Cantor's natal Pluto in Virgo sets off two of Mr. Obama's natal midpoints involving feisty Mars. Follow the link in my SO'W post to my other Political Astrology blog Jude's Threshold and read the midpoint pictures formed plus, this is where I've written about Mr. Cantor's Sun in Gemini--Moon in Sagittarius personality blend: and yes, Eric Cantor is a quite 'live-wire'!

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