How dull! Now why can't I write like that?

Last year I caught up with the rest of the world and became vaguely aware of The Dullest Blog in the World. Today I thought to visit the blog and am blown away by its direct, unvarnished writing style and delivery of totally mundane information. The parody is clear and yet I must ask:

Now why can't I write like that?

Or perhaps I do but am completely unaware of just how uninteresting my ten blogs' content and writing style are...wouldn't surprise me.

Well, crum. Whenever I tire of verbage, I tend to turn to my drawing activities so here's a doodle done in pen for the hapless person reading this boring post and wishing their click had resulted in more varied content...this one's for You!

And Also Art by Jude Cowell with the Ant People I've drawn since high school days, for some unknown reason. Can you tell I was my school's newspaper cartoonist way back when? Thought not.


Jude Cowell Art Shop: open for browsing 24/7.

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