What Makes Creative People Tick?

With so many events to blog about in the Middle East and Wisconsin in February, the month flew by and I'm feeling quite sheepish to return to Two Hours today and post something after skipping February entirely! But who will if I won't, right? ;p

Helpfully, I ran across an interesting article explaining creative people which you may wish to read at Huffington Post (ignore the annoying new pop-up ads, thanks to Huff Po's AOL merger, I assume.)

The article lays out the basics exhibited by creative types as: "energy/rest, extroversion/introversion, and openness/sensitivity" and since some people have accused me of being creative (and I certainly act that way sometimes!), the descriptions and traits ring true from my experience of a lifelong habit of drawing (and perpetrating other creative projects as well.)

And since I was very shy as a youngster and for ages have worked with the public in my real world job, it occurred to me years ago that I'm an introvert who had to learn how to be an extrovert. Still working on that!

Now between you and me, sitting down at my drafting table with a blank sheet of paper and a bunch of sharpened pencils has always been one of my very favorite things to do in life and it seems easy as pie to suddenly block out everything else and get into some sort of zone of creativity, a direct connection to the Unconscious from which archetypal images flow.

Plus, sometimes my psychic sponge of a (creative) Pisces Moon must ignore certain things in the real world for a while just to manage the streak of sanity I'm rockin' here. (An abundance of Politics and Political Astrology writing can make you crazy, I'm here to advise you. But that's my verbal side; creating art is my visual side which helps with whatever mental balance I may have.)

Actually, I was in a zone of some sort on a recent day when I drew Lilith in Fringe Bikini. You see here a small cameo, but just click through to view a full portrait of glamorous Lilith in Art Print form - mandala, fringe, and all (if you're mature and sophisticated enough, that is.)

And for best results, honor your creative side daily, y'all!

Cameo: 'Lilith in Fringe Bikini', a pencil drawing on black paper by Jude Cowell 2011.

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