A Neoclassical Revival Home in Georgia by Shelli Pabis

Today I have the great honor of presenting to you a photo journal feature created by real-world friend, Shelli Pabis, whose photographs Twin City Home circa 1904 will refresh all eyes and inspire cozy dreams.

Shelli shows us intimate portraits of a well-beloved home with Neoclassical Revival style and its surrounding land and pastures through her artist's lens. And really, who wouldn't want a photographic record of their own homes suitable to be passed down for posterity?!

So please accept your invitation for a lazy tour of a serene turn-of-the-century home of great beauty and stroll its historic lawn down to the pond where the dragon flies of summer do play.

Flip flops optional, tall glasses of sweetened iced tea much appreciated!


Two Questions: Emanuel County's Twin City, GA was created by combining which two adjacent towns?

And what happenin' town lies exactly between Atlanta and my hometown of Athens, Georgia?

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