Forensic Astrology and the case of Amanda Knox 12.5.09

This is merely a heads-up alert that an article concerning the sad Amanda Knox case and resulting guilty verdicts of last evening has been published after much study by yours truly.

The guilty verdicts against Ms. Knox and her former boyfriend, Rafaelle Sollecito, were delivered "shortly after midnight" in Perugia, Italy for the brutal murder of Meredith Kercher on the evening of Nov 1, 2007.

And although Forensic Astrology is an interest of mine, I consider myself to be barely fluent in its principles. Still, you may find a few notes of interest which are translated from astrologese to English for your consideration. Do check it out and comment thoughtfully, if you wish, on this blog or at Jude's Theshold.

Amanda Knox's natal data is included but with her precise birth time unknown, I've used a Noon chart for her natal planetary details. Meredith Kercher was born in London in Feb, 1986, but that's all the info I've found so far.


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