JFay's dynamic Artsy Candles!

Since my Art/Astrology presence on the web has expanded in recent years and become almost impossible for me to keep up with, it's easy to lose touch with earlier web friends, even those whose artisanship you tremendously admire and have ordered for yourself to enjoy.

One such is Studio 3B's JFay, a dynamic designer of gorgeous handmade candles in a variety of themes and colors. Why, you have only to ask and she'll design a candle specifically for you! Or simply choose from her wonderful collection.

Do mosey by Studio 3B's Artsy Candles Blog to view JFay's intriguing gallery filled with trendy as well as traditional themes and styles of color-drenched scented candles and you'll soon join me in accolades for JFay's waxy work!



Wick'd Jfay said...

Hello Jude!! Wow! What an exciting surprise!! I'm so happy to have found you online again, and thank you very much for the blog post! I've been thinking of you and wondering where I might get in touch with you again. If you're on Facebook, please look me up at www.facebook.com/candleartistjfay -- Or also my contact info is on my website: www.studio3bonline.com on the Contact Us page -- I look forward to hearing from you!

Jude Cowell said...

Hi JFay, have wondered many times how you're doing - i clicked your link on my Secret Moon Art blog and was amazed to see your recent work - you get better all the time!!

Will definitely look you up on FB after i post the Winter Solstice 2009 chart @ Stars Over Washington...headed there now...

'Talk' to ya soon, Jude