A 5-Minute Tour of Western Crete mid-May 2012 (video)

Are you familiar with the beauty and charm of the ancient isle of Western Crete? Or perhaps you're an armchair traveler like myself? Well, check out this 5-minute video that some of my more adventurous family members (one with a Mercury = travel/Jupiter = foreign lands conjunction in Aquarius) recorded in mid-May 2012 as they took in the sights...complete with some very appropriate music!

You may also wish to read of the History of Minoan Crete or of King Minos himself.

Why, even the author of The Scarlet Letter and other classics of American literature, Nathaniel Hawthorne, thought to write of Theseus and the (beastly) Minotaur!


Nathaniel Hawthorne: July 4, 1804 Salem, Massachusetts, died May 19, 1864. Hawthorne was born with Sun in creative Moon-ruled Cancer and Moon in quick-witted Gemini, sign of the writer; this is the 'eternal student' combo of energies which gave him excellent teaching abilities. His Water-Air (ethereal, misty) Sun Can-Moon Gem personality blend is shared natally by Henry David Thoreau, Clifford Odets, Lord Mountbatten, Cheryl Ladd, John D.Rockefeller, and Dianne Feinstein. (I know!)


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