Hope for the Hopeless? (music video)

At last I thought to return to YouTube to search for Brett Dennen's performance on David Letterman from a while back. You see, when the music (and the beat) combine with apples-of-gold-in-pictures-of-silver lyrics that actually say something on behalf of human kind, the song often becomes a perennial favorite of mine.

Here, Heaven is performed live on Letterman and if you're unfamiliar with the song's message, perhaps you'll give a listen!

This song debuted pre-Occupy days, of course, but its message seems quite applicable to 99%/1% issues to this particular blogger whose nature is to operate within a Common Good persuasion.

Plus, here's another version of Heaven which I posted about 3 years ago including an interview with Brett Dennen if you're curious.


Now updated: Stars Over Washington. Politics. Tiresome. Agreed. But we look away from the varmints at our and our children's peril. Plus, through the lens of Astrology we may spy many squirmy little things wiggling behind the door...

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