Return of the '3 Temple Dancers'


3 Temple Dancers is the original title of this oil and watercolour pencil drawing from my noodle. Its title soon morphed into simply 3 Dancers so it answers to both monikers and may be spied online under one or the other name.

The red trees I'm quite fond of. And who are the ladies symbolically representing? Crone, Matron, Youth?

From left to right: my Mom, Mary, my daughter, Maya, and myself, Judith. Happily I get to wear the hat, and 'Maya' is considered in certain circles to be a form of 'Mary' (FR: mer, sea or ocean.) Maya's name came to me in a dream when my pregnancy was about 6 months along.

Actually, Cosmic Persona Designs, a gallery of figure studies mostly, was opened to much acclaim in June 2005 with these very same ladies' in the portrait as you view it here. The 'acclaim' consisted of my friends egging me on to publish fashiony chiffonery images of dancers, singers, and other mask-related portraits, perhaps with a wee bit of Parisienne flavor to them. (An Adult Warning must be clicked through but not to fret - it's only Art. No photos allowed or sought.)

This image of 3 Temple Dancers will soon be available in one of my online Art Shops - either @ the Zazzle Store or on display @ Cafe Press. So if you wish, choose a shop and sashay by, for Holiday Gift Specials soon will be gathered atop a display shelf of their own not unlike the 1970s when I was an Estee Lauder rep at Macy's, Queen Estee of the Cosmetics Brands way back when before the Lauder estate was drained dry.

But that's another story of a different lipstick...

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