Dreamyfish Art Calendar 2010 is ready for you!

If you read my last post, you'll know that Old wife, a lovely fish of Western Australia, has been on pins and needles waiting to learn if she was chosen to represent a Month in my new Dreamyfish Art 2010 Calendar.

Sad to say, Old wife is only a runner-up (see her portrait in previous post) because Slender weed whiting beat out her stripediness by a nose...a very long nose.

But it's all good, for you may wish to order a Dreamyfish Art Calendar soon because you know that 2010 is just around the Dec 31 corner. You'll find that botanical names of each fish are included making it possible for you to amaze your non-diving friends with your scientific knowledge of underwater denizens of Western Australia - 12 of them, at least!

And do check out Issue #32 of X-RAY MAG with a Jude Cowell Portfolio feature of my botanical fish drawings with artist interview - and the download is free!

Download Section V to snag my Dreamyfish Art Portfolio, or you may download the entire gorgeous magazine with its astounding underwater photography and articles about what's going on with our oceans and dwindling world fish population. And please, let's...

Save Our Oceans!


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