Julia Child's Chocolate Mousse can't be beat!

Have you ever tasted Julia Child's Chocolate Mousse? It can be whisked, but it can't be beat!

Well, I have tasted it a few times but only through my own cheffery efforts! Click the link to visit my brand new Art Gallery blog, Sepia Art Theater, where you'll find little more than Art & Chocolates.

Can you tell that I finally saw Julie & Julia over the weekend? Watching the film, my teen years haunted me as catalyzed by Meryl Streep's excellent portrayal of the Jupiterian Julia Child, with Amy Adams playing Julie Powell, the NY blogger who also loved Julia. (As with me, a mother-daughter connection was in play.)

Do you remember August just past? That's when I published here images of Julia Child's birth and death charts along with a few astro-details and a link to an interesting interview on Fresh Air so check it out here if you wish.


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