Are Any Foods Natural Anymore? GMOs Explained - video

Most foods in the US are genetically modified and my own 'gut reaction' to this news is negative and skeptical that GMO foods are safe for human consumption. I feel as if the American people are being used as guinea pigs and that scientists don't actually know the ultimate results of their Frankensteinian interference (but can't wait to find out).

What's your gut reaction?


The Physics of the Weird and Wonderful Theremin

Always oddly intriguing, the Theremin explained:


Genetically Engineered “Frankenfish” Is Being Sued - video

Hopefully this is good news. Wonder if members of the power elite class and the politicians who do their bidding are served monstrous food-like concoctions or do they get to savor the real thing?


Nexium: Is the Purple Pill Shutting Your Kidneys Down? - video

Here is a health warning whose time came years ago but thanks to our missing-in-action FDA and Big Pharma, it's apparent that consumers must protect themselves. What I've read about these drugs is that switching to Zantac 150 is helpful for those who actually have acid reflux because it's a different kind of drug than Nexium or Prilosec. But be certain to do your own research and talk to your doctor before proceeding:


Stars Over Washington now in The 'X' Zone Chronicles!

How do you like the new ad for my Political Astrology site? The ad was created for display in the 'X' Zone Chronicles, radio show host Rob McConnell's digital newspaper brimming with alternative topics and articles.

Rob is a great and insightful interviewer with a wonderful 'radio voice' so I hope you'll check out his August 2015 interview with yours truly if you haven't already!

Also recommended is Rob's The 'X' Zone Radio Channel on YouTube where you'll find interviews with a variety of authors and researchers.

Ad image: Horoscope of Washington DC (Federal City 1791).


2 Hours You May Not Miss or How about a Drawing by Jude Cowell?

Okay, you caught me. It's difficult keeping up with so many blogs so why in the world have them? For one thing, attempting to delete a seldom used blog only causes trouble for the ones that are left for they tend to link to the deleted one and this creates quite a mess. So here is a posting of one of my drawings just to spruce things up around here with content that is actually created by yours truly though perhaps you've viewed it before, here or elsewhere:

Image: Fork'd Way, a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell (c) 2016 - 2060; posted here in honor of the left vs right choice the American people face in the voting booth on November 8, 2016--as if we really have a say in who's (s)elected president. If you wish, visit Stars Over Washington for Political Astrology articles and videos on the 2016 Campaign and beyond.

Above image is on loan from Secret Moon Art but you are cordially invited to check out my new blog which premiered on Christmas Day 2015: Neptune's Silver Screen where you'll find horoscopes, bios, photos, documentaries, movies, and film clips of classic film stars with an astrological emphasis on glamour and love planets Neptune and Venus and where seductress Lilith and goddess star Sirius often sparkle. Popcorn optional!


Are Ancient Grains Really Better For You? - video

Back in the day, I used to cook and bake with spelt flour because I was told it's more easily digested and, as my family discovered, it made tastier bread. Here's an interesting video on ancient grains such as spelt:


Queen Katherine Parr (1512--1548) - video

As you know, Katherine (aka, Catherine) Parr was the sixth and final wife of Henry VIII and she actually survived him! She also helped raise his children and she was, in my estimation, fortunate to have found her!

The Deal with Fat - video (triglycerides and such)

You know how we've been told for years that fat is bad? Well, now it's supposed to be good! Maybe there are clues to clear up the conundrum hidden within the chemistry of fat:

Annoyingly, I've lost track of it now but last year I read an article that argued that fat causes diabetes not glucose! How's that for a mind scramble? First they tell us one thing, then they tell us another. Like, Coffee is bad! bad! But nowadays coffee is allegedly good for you (says the coffee industry). Or, does caffeinated coffee activate the stress hormone cortisol and lead to obesity? We can be certain that fat metabolism is involved!


Astrology Chart of David Bowie - David Cochrane

Here is another interesting astrological presentation from David Cochrane:


Scientists to Scan Ancient Pyramids w Cosmic Rays to Find Hidden Chambers - video

Dec 24, 2015 Update: Apologies! The video has been removed. Here is the spot where it resided for a cosmically brief moment in time:


12/24/15: So since you can't view the Pyramids at Giza you may of course consider instead the Belt Stars of Orion.

Because As Above, So Below!