Pap and Max Keiser: Banking Terrorists Declare War On Global Economy - video

This morning I tweeted a #London hashtag (hint hint) while the NYSE plummeted (over 1,000 points a few minutes after opening at 9:30 am edt, then up then down...). Now I find a Ring of Fire interview about how everything bad that happens happens in London--the City of London, that is. See what you think (including my regular SO'W visitors from the City of London!):

Bradstreet Family Breaks Silence for First Time on Beloved Dr. Jeff Bradstreet - audio

Here is an interview with the family of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet who was found on June 19, 2015 in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. The professional reputation of Dr. Bradstreet has been undeservedly vilified by the mainstream media in a transparent attempt to discredit his work with autistic children. Please listen and share this video!


The 17th Harmonic Charts of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison

The Music of the Spheres

Here is a presentation featuring David Cochrane's excellent work with Harmonics in Astrology as a lens for understanding the personalities of three of rock music's legendary musicians on a deeper level than their natal horoscopes show. Strong 17th harmonic patterns are also operative 'underneath' the natal charts of actors and counselors.

Music: also a harmonic discipline of vibrations, frequencies, and resonance!

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'Aspartame and the Brain' - video

As undermining Neptune, planet of toxins and poisons, continues its journey through its own sign of murky, infectious Pisces, you've hopefully managed to jettison the killer chemical 'aspartame' from your diet before now. Or at least as best you can, since Americans never completely know what toxic contaminates are being laced into our food (with the legislative complicity of the US Congress):

"Food safety" and the "US Food and Drug Administration"? Seems that behind the door it's a shady way to administer health-undermining drugs to the American people...via food.

A note for those who speak astrologese: remember that US natal Ceres = US natal Pluto-Chiron midpoint @8Pisces+...a la July 4, 1776. Chilling.


Two Hours' Most Viewed Post of All Time: Thom Yorke!

Since Radiohead continues to retain its Number One position as my Favorite Band, I am pleased to report that as of today, May 18, 2013, my post concerning Thom Yorke's Sun-Moon personality blend (which includes a video of his tune The Clock) is the most-viewed post ever on Two Hours You'll Never Get Back--and it won't take nearly two hours for you to check it out!

The post is nearing 2,000 views which is pretty good for a seldom updated blog.

Now if only I knew Mr. Yorke's correct birth hour, I'd be even more pleased...


Max Igan video: 'Cultivating the Social Pathogen'

Now usually I embed Max Igan's excellent videos on my Political Astrology site Stars Over Washington yet here's one for you now: Cultivating the Social Pathogen which is apt with merge-lover Neptune traversing its own (easily infected) sign of Pisces:


1/20/13: that liberal boogieman!

oh that 'liberal boogieman'

plans to govern as he can

much like Reagan he'll reform

GOP decries the storm

liberalism won the day

young Paul Ryan now can say

he was there amidst the boos

for his party sure did lose.


2012 Eclipses and a 3,000 Year-Old Murder Mystery Solved at Last!

Love Gone Sour? A Throne Beckons

by Jude Cowell

It's been known for some time that the wife of Ramses III planned to have her husband assassinated so that her son could become pharoah in his stead. But was the plot successful? Turns out it was.

Egyptologists have removed bandages from the ancient neck of Ramses III to reveal 'twas a sharp knife did the deed.

Watch out, Washington, for even 3,000 year-old crimes must eventually come to light and posting this feels as if I'm cooperating here with the current Solar Eclipse (which occurred on November 13, 2012 @21 Scorpio 56) for both Solar and Lunar eclipses tend to uncover hidden secrets--even those with ancient and distinguished petigrees!

Scorpio: Sign of Secrets, Betrayals, and Criminal Acts

For a peek at the November 2012 Solar Eclipse horoscope set for Washington DC with some Political Astrology details to describe it, visit Stars Over Washington where you'll also find the horoscope of its 'bookend' Lunar Eclipse of November 28th as well.

Year 2012 is ending under the rays of a difficult YOD planetary pattern of crisis and turning points which involves an aspect between Saturn (restriction, loss) and Pluto (power and control--together they often bring cruelty, brutality, and harsh conditions as on 9/11/01)--and directing their energies toward Jupiter Rx in Gemini, sign of young people such as the students of the Sandy Hook elementary School who were innocent victims of the Saturn-Pluto duo of brutality.

Can good come from evil? Well, Washington now speaks of "doing something" legislatively about America's culture of violence and how whatever is done must be done quickly before the impetus runs out. This is a common feeling with a YOD influence: that one must take corrective action while the opportunity is offered.

As a parent, and now grandparent, I hope legislators will ward off the politically powerful NRA long enough to put into place more common-sense laws such as closing the gun show loophole for our children and women in particular need protection in this paternalistic, testosterone-driven society.


'Henri 3 Le Vet' (video) and Blogger blog redirects

At last this blog has been rescued from its recent redirect attack. For those who have a similar problem with a Blogger blog, try removing all widgets from your Layout such as Blogger's 'Recent Comments' or 'Recent Posts'. Clear your browser cache in between. This did it for 2 Hours anyway.

My thanks to skyewriter for giving me a heads-up on a handy fix-it page with info that Blogger won't tell us.

And now, bravely fighting back a paralyzing disdain for all blogosphere endeavors, I hereby embed the 3rd video from the irrascibly brilliant Henri series of feline existentionalism sagas, Henri 3 Le Vet. Enjoy. But stay very very cool. Wearing black may help...beret optional:

Watch Henri Paw de deux.