Jude's Art Panel slideshow and How To Tie a Tie video

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Here you see the latest of my Jude Cowell Art Studio Slideshow Panels provided by the excellent Zazzle!

Simultaneously, the Jude's Artsy Neckties collection @ Zazzle has a fresh offering w 'Shroom Trio decorating a necktie. It's one of my Children's Illustrations w a sort flights-of-fancy, 'magikal' motif upon its 55"-in-length necktie-iness, no less.

Now being a practical Capricorn sort of person (yet of the feminine gender), I feel happiest when my artwork identifies a higher purpose and demonstrates a pragmatic application in the real world if possible~which is what I consider its form to be on Zazzle and @ Cafe Press (Blue Tiger Art). Zazzle magically converts my images into forms such as greeting cards, neckties, wall posters, iPhone and iPad skins, & more.

Plus, a misty moment or two of Art Browsing might be spent on my Lulu Page as you wish (displays 24/7 images of Art Downloads for your Desktop and/or Home Printing purposes; contains modestly priced downloads only, no printing; ok for children; some Fairy Art may apply.)


April 24, 2011 Sunday is Easter: He Is Risen!

And now, my gift for you: perhaps you wish to view a brief video explaining How To Tie a Tie...it's practical info although the cravat is no more!

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