166 yards of One Dark Night


One Dark Night is the name my daughter has given this new skein of hand-dyed and spun yarn.

Thing is...

In a rare move, it wasn't Maya who dyed this batch of squishy fibers, a friend did. Then Maya spun the colorful results into 166 yards that are destined for someone's special projects as soon as they find out about it.

It's only a matter of patience.

If you're a knitter or are close to one, let Maya tell you all about it, the weight, washing instructions, suggested needle size, all that stuff.
And Yarn Clubs are available, too. What a special gift those are for any dedicated knitter in your life.

So @ this time of year, One Dark Night's colors seem more than seasonal to me, they seem...evocative...of cozy firesides and cups of cocoa with a little whipped cream and sprinkle of cinnamon on top, if you please! (On top of the cocoa, not the fire. That'd be daft.)

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