Papier Blanche Art SlideShow!


It isn't often these days that I perpetrate drawings upon white paper - papier blanche, because black paper is my preferred medium.

But I've found enough of them lying about to create an Art SlideShow after adding one rather weird doodle from way back in 1982...hope you enjoy the show, and embed freely, if you wish.

Warning: there's an odd cat included, so beware. It was drawn to illustrate a bit of political cat rhymery at Lim's Limericks but don't let it concern you unduly, for not everyone appreciates cats who blog and have their own political viewpoints. So if you wear a political chip on your shoulder, I recommend you skip Lim's Limericks whenever possible.

And if you're old fashioned enough to appreciate an Original-Art wall calendar, you be interested in viewing a Dreamyfish Art Calendar for 2010 in my Zazzle Art Shop because it's patiently waiting for your consideration: twelve fish portraits with botanical names included, just for you to pin on your wall and mark the passage of time, so do float by when you can!


Plus, Blue Tiger Art Shop now has baby apparel for sale designed for your little tiger...

And please check out my botanical fish portraits in the current issue of the International Diving and Lifestyle Magazine X-RAY MAG where you may download Section V with a 'Jude Cowell Portfolio' (artist interview included) or download the entire beautiful issue #32 for free!

X-RAY MAG is simply amazing for its gorgeous underwater photographs and indepth articles on ocean conservation concerns and more, and that's true even if my little Dreamyfish weren't featured, so do check it out, and please let's...Save Our Oceans.

We'll be distraught when they're gone.

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