Pallas 'the Daughter' is my Maya

Now you may be tempted to think that I'm the only who crows about my creative, yarn-spinning daughter Maya but 'tisn't so!

How nice for us that my natal Pallas in Taurus indicates a natural ability with patterns. This affects me, yes, but also affects my daughter through the DNA from the ladies of the family - pretty much all the women on both sides were hand-sewers, embroiderers, tatters, quilters, and knitters. Some crocheted, too, which is my personal favorite.

And I love to quilt as well, but who has the time anymore?

As you know, in Astrology, Pallas = the daughter. That's my Maya, whose natal Saturn is in Taurus, and Saturn = concentrated work which is precisely what spinning mounds of woolery takes.

If you wish, scroll down the sidebar to my art images for a daughter-inspired portrait: Maya as Mermaid. And yes, she was always a good swimmer, too.

Plus, you may wish to check out her Etsy Shop, Springtree Road, of handspun-and-dyed yarns, some of which she hand-paints for the most scrumptious colors! Her shop feed is to be discovered in the sidebar...

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