Putting new Yarn in old chimneys!

Hurrah! My daughter Maya's Yarn Shop at Etsy is now opened and making sales.

Here's the Springtree Road feed which I shall also add to this blog's sidebar for future reference. Check it out, if you wish. She has begun to offer notecards of her excellent photography, too.

In fact, if you notice one notecard with an old stone chimney against the blue sky, that's from the general store my Dad's family ran at the turn of the last century in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

As you might expect, the ancient family acreage is now a suburban neighborhood which was built in part by bulldozing worn-down headstones of a 1800s cemetery in the woods that my Dad remembered well from the early 1900s. It broke my heart to see his heart breaking over it the day we discovered what the contractor's bulldozers had perpetrated. One grave was of a 14-year-old friend of my Dad's sister.

So you can imagine that it does my heart good to see my daughter uplifting the old chimney once again, which last time I looked was still standing. Maya's Grandfather isn't here to see her Etsy Shop or her first offering of notecards, but I'm decidedly certain he would appreciate and approve!

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