President Obama reaffirms terror-fighting bond 5.6.09

This is a sort of update on my earlier post today which lurks just below...

President Obama made a statement reaffirming the working 'terror-fighting bond' between the US, Afghanistan, and Pakistan after today's big meeting.

A quite predictable result, at least in the must-make-a-statement department. NPR is now reporting that Pakistan won't tell the US everything about its nuclear program because it doesn't fully trust the United States.

Yuh. Know the feeling, unfortunately. It's very disappointing when your ancestors helped set up the place to see how the one-world-government types have rearranged it with more dissolution of sovereignty to come. Of course, if you read Sylvia Browne's book Secret Societies and How They Affect Our Lives Today you'll find that the most secret of all groups is SCAN which coordinates the others (CFR, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, IMF, World Bank, UN, and the rest of the gangstas) but wants America to be leader of the new world order. ~~~

Having just returned home with a good drenching from a major thunderstorm, I was pleased to see that Two Hours You'll Never Get Back (which is not a blog about very bad movies yet it could be if the mood should strike) has been graced with its First Comment.

And I'm happy to report to you that it was left by one of my very favorite astrologers, Julie Demboski. Mega-thanks, Julie. I've been kinda lonely rattling around in here so I appreciate your dropping by!

Well, another discovery: how cool is this? Donna Davidson has found this newby blog and is its First Follower! Wow, Donna, thanks! ;p

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