Of fringe bikinis, Atlanta's flu outbreak, and Cinqo de Mayo

Lounging in her fringe bikini, Coco seems unruffled by today's news of a few N1H1 flu cases now confirmed in Atlanta, Georgia, just down the road from where I type and home of the CDC. Center for Disease Control. Hmph.

Here's an Atlanta TV station's article on the flu outbreak shining a spotlight on the millions of uninsured Americans who are more at risk due to the cost of a new vaccine. Those who are well-heeled enough to be covered may whine about the problem until they think again: more people under threat of any contagious disease ups their own odds of becoming ill, insured or not. Having health insurance isn't a magic amulet, as you know, and good luck avoiding loopholes invented for non-payment of your claims.

And I'm sorry to hear that Cinqo de Mayo celebrations are cancelled today in Mexico due to ongoing influenza considerations.

Meanwhile we have another storm system threatening here and my cat won't come in - once she hears thunder she's under the porch or deck for the duration. You just can't reason with a kitty cat when her survival instincts are alerted by Thor bowling overhead.

If only she could see the bigger picture...yet somehow I think she and all creatures of the animal persuasion know it's there because they're At One With It!

Speaking of the amazing cosmos, are you ready for tomorrow morning's early show of the eta Aquarid meteor shower which the Earth floats through each year in May?

The Aquarids hail from the remnants of Halley's Comet so set your alarm clock, Dear Reader, for early birds catch the early show.

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